Adam Adventurer v1.2

Adam Adventurer v1.2

Low polygonal game ready animated model of man.
Character is perfect for a first person or 3rd person adventure game. May fight as warrior, archer, mage, rogue...
It come with many animation, and textures, but Character Controller NOT included!


Model with all armors and weapons: 20,741 polygons, 40,057 triangles and 21,454 vertexes.

115 Animation for warrior, mage, archer combats and general moves. 98 "on place" animations. And 26 animations with root motion data used by Unity Mecanim.
There are very high detailed textures. diffuse, specular, opacity and normals maps.
TIF file format 4096x4096, 2048X2048, 1024X1024.
Original 3D MAX file with rigged character in T-pose included.
Rig has 73 bones
2 Body textures (naked and with underclothes) included.
5 Hairs textures included.
Unity 5 PBS shaders.
Sample Unity Scene included.
Humanoid Mecanim ready setup.
It will work 100% precised with my Unity Medieval Animations Mega Pack and all included collections.

Body parts: Head, Hair, Hands, Arms, Torso, Legs, Feet, Bread
Armor parts: Chest Armor, Hood, Gloves, Belt, Paints, Boots., Jerkin
Weapons: 2 Shields (same), 4 Swords (same), 2 Bows, Arrow in hand, Quiver with 5 arrows.
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