2D Jungle Pack - Handcrafted Art v2.0

2D Jungle Pack - Handcrafted Art

2D Jungle Pack - Handcrafted Art - Unity asset

Making a platformer?
This asset is now part of a Joint Venture with More Mountains and their Corgi Engine. Learn more and get the Corgi Engine + Handcrafted Art - 2D Platformer Mega Bundle, which includes the original Corgi Engine and 7 of our handcrafted art packages.

High-quality jungle assets.
Perfect for 2D games such as platforms, shooter or endless runners. With 100+ sprites of platforms, addons, backgrounds, it's perfect to create a lot of varieties!

Package contains:
- 29 Types of threes, trunks and branches
- 24 Platform elements
- 17 Different plants
- 20 Lianas and vines
- 16 Mushrooms and stones
- 9 Backgrounds
- 9 Leafs (Perfect for particle effects)
- 12 Prefabs
- 1 Moon

Asset version: 2.0
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