Parallax Space Background Multipack v2.2

Parallax Space Background Multipack

Parallax Space Background Multipack - Unity asset

If you need some backgrounds for your Space/Sci-Fi games then this package is for you.

It contains 20 high quality parrallax backgrounds that can be customised to suit your needs and add a sense of depth to your scenes. Included are:

15 Unique Planets
51 Unique Moons
35 Unique Asteroids
20 Unique Backings
1 Skybox Scene
1 Galaxy
1 Devils Head Nebula
2 New Shaders for stitching backgrounds

Each background has an animated example scene that will allow you to adjust how each element moves or orbits

This package is made entirely from 2D images, the largest of which are 2k by 2k. There are no 3D models

All png's are included

Please note that the seamless scenes are examples. To make your own versions with more, or less, than 4 backgrounds you will need to be able to edit the shaders. If you are happy with 4 then changing the backgrounds is a simple drag and drop

Asset version: 2.2
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