ATL (121 Ground Textures) Vol.1 v1.1

ATL (121 Ground Textures) Vol.1

ATL (121 Ground Textures) Vol.1 – download Unity asset

"A Texture Library (121 Ground Textures)" is a creation of William White .

Vol.1 includes 58 HQ Textures (2592 X 2592 pixels) of ground along with their Normal, Height and Specular maps.

All textures are seamless and their maps are in black and white letting you make changes like switching a height map to normal map.

The package also includes ready made materials for every texture along with a steep parallax shader.

Vol.1 Content :
*12 Leave textures
*11 Ground textures
*35 Grass textures
*58 Ground Textures

Asset version: 1.1
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    1. hello, i recently purchased premium on hitfile and i really need a few assets, for starters could you please upload this asset? thanks!