2D Master Texture Pack(PSD) v1.1

2D Master Texture Pack(PSD)

2D Master Texture Pack(PSD) – download Unity asset

Packed with necessary UI for RPG game

· Menu selection screen
· Item screen
· Charactor status screen
· Charactor Equipment Change Screen
· Option screen
· Dialog view
· Save screen
· Battle screen
· Item switching footer UI

· Skill Tree Screen
· Skill explanation screen

· Card UI cover
· Card UI pattern
· Card Game Status Screen
· Card Game Battle Screen

Description 1
Each UI is saved in PSD format.
It can be opened and opened with compatible software such as PhotoShop

About license

Charactor license The enclosed charactor is enclosed in the sample game under the cooperation of Mr. Hoshoe Tensei Jewel Sabor and illustration content
Regarding the game introduction license of charactor illustration, please check on the homepage of Hoshoe Tensei Jewel Saber. Fonts is use free license fonts. #Charactor #Character #RPGGAME #UI

Asset version: 1.1
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