2D Fantasy Art Assets Full Pack v1.0

2D Fantasy Art Assets Full Pack

799 2D Fantasy Art Assets: Backgrounds, Items, Characters and Creatures - High Quality Art!!
PNG Format 1000 pixel height (1280x1920 for backgrounds)

You are making an RPG, a Card-game or a Roguelike?
Then, this 2D Fantasy asset Full Pack might just be what you need!

Designed for a fantasy themed medieval-type of world, these assets will give life and personality to your game.


- 77 Backgrounds
2D Background Pack Vol 1

- 116 Items
2D Item Pack Vol 1

- 240 Characters (4x60)
2D Character Pack Vol 1
2D Character Pack Vol 2
2D Character Pack Vol 3
2D Character Pack Vol 4

- 366 Creatures (6x61)
2D Creature Pack Vol 1
2D Creature Pack Vol 2
2D Creature Pack Vol 3
2D Creature Pack Vol 4
2D Creature Pack Vol 5
2D Creature Pack Vol 6

Asset version: 1.0
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