High-Res Photographic Grass Billboards v1.0

High-Res Photographic Grass Billboards

This package consists of 34 High-res Photograpic (2048x2048) grass billboards for use in Unity.
All these textures are made from 5000px photographs, they all come with a perfect alpha layer.
There are 2048, but also 1024 performance versions in this pack.
You can be sure that these textures are of the highest quality you can find.

The scenes are rendered with DOF, SSAO and Shadows.
Since the DOF and SSAO from Unity are significantly better then what you see here, you can rely on the fact that it will look even better in your Unity game. Updated version has only 2048px textures, rezize to smaller versions with Unity's texturesettings, sizes have been set to 512px to reduce initial package size. All the textures have been revised to have slightly larger black edges around the grass texture, this makes sure that you never see lines above the grass due to the atlas texture overlapping neighbouring grasses. Unity 4 users are adviced to upgrade to 5, if that's not possible because you're in a project, just install U5 side by side your U4 install and get the textures out of the project in U5 and transfer them to U4 in the explorer.

Asset version: 1.0
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