Stone Wall Texture Pack 01 v1.0

Stone Wall Texture Pack 01 v1.0

These tiled stone wall textures are all created from high poly sculpts.

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The package contains six very detailed Stone Wall textures.

For more details regarding each textures or to buy them separately visit these links.

Stone Wall 01!
Stone Wall 02!
Stone Wall 03!
Stone Wall 05!
Stone Wall 06!

Included maps are diffuse/albedo/color, normal, specular/gloss/roughness, metalness, AO and height maps.

These textures are made to work with both PBR and old type shaders, some level tweaking to the spec/gloss/roughness maps might be needed for best result in your custom shader, use custom shaders for best result.

Textures come in PNG, TGA and JPEG formats at 2048×2048, the layered PSD files are also included, so you can easily make changes to the textures.
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