Make Professional 2d Games with the Godot Game Engine

Make Professional 2d Games with the Godot Game Engine

Gumroad – Make Professional 2d Games with the Godot Game Engine

With this course, you will learn to create your own top-down game inspired by Zelda, using the Free and Open Source game engine Godot 3.0
Watch the chapters in any order! Unlike other courses out there, each chapter isolates and explores one key topic.

What will I learn?
- Learn the game creation process, the way the professionals do it
- Discover the best practices in Godot 3.0
- Understand how 2d game creation works with lessons that go beyond the surface
- Learn game creation techniques that apply to any genre

- Programming foundations
- Basic understanding of GDscript
- This is an intermediate level series: you should have at least some programming experience as videos are not always step-by-step.

I highly recommend that you watch some free tutorials before taking the course.

Learn to code the core mechanics, build tile-based levels and code AI:

- The character controller
- Combat mechanics: life, attacks and death
- AI 1: Design 2 simple monsters
- Build levels with Tiled map editor
- Breathe life to the game: world animation and particles
- AI 2: pattern-based boss
- Design and code the game's User Interface
- Learn the Game Design Workflow. Features exclusive interviews and tips from three successful indie game designers: FibreTigre (Out There), Emmanuel Corno (Event[0]) and Edouard (Atomic Racoon)
- Build a Shop and an Inventory
- Polishing the game
- Design pattern: implement Finite State Machines in Godot
- Exclusive assignments and extra Godot examples for each chapter
- Access the exclusive Discord chat
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