Create Video Game Tileable Textures From Scratch

Create Video Game Tileable Textures From Scratch

Udemy – Create Video Game Tileable Textures From Scratch

Learn the tools and techniques to create amazing textures

Learning 3D can be very confusing and time-consuming when doing it by yourself. I want to make the learning process easy for you, going through all the tools and techniques used to create tileable textures step by step in very detailed videos.

In this course we will create textures from A to Z. I will teach you my approach to planning, modeling, sculpting, baking, and creating the final texture maps.

We will do a series of different textures, making sure you learn various ways to solve problems. After finishing this course, you'll have the knowledge required to create any tileable texture that you need to in a project.

You'll learn tips and shortcuts that will accelerate your workflow and make you understand the fundamentals of creating this kind of textures.

We'll cover powerfull techniques to create professional looking textures to help your projects come to life.

I will be available for you through the whole course, feel free to send me a message if you encounter any issue. I will help you solve it and understand why it presented itself.
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