Ultimate Godot Game Developer Projects

Ultimate Godot Game Developer Projects

Packt Publishing – Ultimate Godot Game Developer Projects

Game development becomes interesting and fun when you use Godot. It is an open-source platform with sound support from its community. For beginners, Godot offers a friendly way to learn game development techniques, while for experienced developers it is a powerful, customizable tool that can bring your visions to life.

This course covers the entire spectrum of game development from the absolute basics to sophisticated game physics, animation, and other techniques. While building these games, you will learn various concepts, such as how the Godot editor works, how to structure a project, and what are kinematic bodies. Whether it is working with vectors and coordinate systems or it is building a dynamic, scalable UI, this course teaches you everything to get you started with the Godot game engine and editor.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how Godot works and discovered important game development techniques that you can apply to your projects.
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