Programming In Godot Game Engine 3

Programming In Godot Game Engine 3

Skillshare – Programming In Godot Game Engine 3

Welcome To Programming in Godot Game Engine 3!

In this course, we will go into how to code in GDScript.

This course is designed for both absolute beginners of Godot Game Engine, and users of Godot Game Engine who wish to expand upon or improve their knowledge of GDScript.

Godot Game Engine 3 uses a powerful scripting language very similar to Python, called GDScript. You can very easily write a couple of lines of code, to make it so you can move a sprite using input from the player. In the course, we will be going over the absolute basics, and, will go over how to control nodes in Godot using GDScript.

Topics Covered In The Course

If Statements, Variables, Functions
While Loops and For Loops
Node Groups
Controlling, Creating, And Deleting New Nodes

In the end, we will have covered how to program in GDScript, and, how to control, add, and delete nodes using code.
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