Hands-on Game AI Development

Hands-on Game AI Development

Packt Publishing – Hands-on Game AI Development

Game AI is used to create game characters that will challenge, assist, and interact with a player. Without good game AI, you can’t keep the player in the gamefor more than few minutes. It’s as important as the game play, story, and graphics.

In this course, you’ll understand how to make game AI. You’ll understand the importance of AI in your game, how to create games like Tic-Tac-Toe, and how to use search algorithms. You’ll see how make decisions using decision trees where the logic and behavior of the AI are defined.

Moving on, you’ll learn to use the Finite State Machine to move your game from one state to another and control its behavior and logic. You’ll add movement to game AI so they respond according to a situation and follow a path. Finally, you’ll learn to create different levels in the game to make it more challenging and implement everything together.

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to create your own exciting games using AI.

What You Will Learn
Create AI for different types of games
Implement decision making in your games
Move your game from one state to another using the FSM
Control the logic and behavior of the AI with FSM
Add logic and movement to your game characters
Add many characters into the scene and make them behave realistically according to the situation
Build your own game like Pac Mac using AI
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