Unity Audio Fundamentals 2018

Pluralsight – Unity Audio Fundamentals 2018

As a game developer, you tend to focus on what your players see on the screen, but half of what you give them is the audio, so it really pays to put in the effort to create compelling soundscapes for your players. In this course, Unity Audio Fundamentals, you’ll be creating a complete audio system for a game using the Unity game engine. First, you’ll discover how to play sounds in Unity and how to place sound sources in your world for 3D audio effects. Next, you’ll use Unity’s audio mixer system to create snapshots of various mixes and fade between them using C# scripting. Finally, you’ll learn how to create dynamic multitrack music tracks for your game in order to create a full soundscape that reacts to your player’s choices. By the end of this course, you’ll have a better understanding on how to create wonderful soundscapes in Unity
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