Learn To Create Snake In Unity 2018 (Learn Intermediate C#)

Learn To Create Snake In Unity 2018 (Learn Intermediate C#)

Udemy – Learn To Create Snake In Unity 2018 (Learn Intermediate C#) – video tutorial

Learn Intermediate Unity and C# (Singletons, Events, Inheritance, Coroutine and more) by creating Snake step by step!

What Will I Learn?
Use Coroutines to create efficient waiting code without halting the entire process
Use Inheritance to extend, modify and reuse behavior
Create Singleton generic class to easily make desired classes as singletons
Control UI via Events
You Events to control GameState (the game's State Machine)
Re-create a simple classic from the Nokia 3310
Learn methods to structure your game in a way that better follows SOLID principles

Basic C# Knowledge
Basic Unity Knowledge

This course is for anyone who wants to learn about different code practices in Unity.

While re-creating a classic will look at different ways to implement the features needed and you will learn how to use:

and more!

This means you will learn intermediate Unity (2018) features along with intermediate C# while having fun re-creating an iconic classic from the Nokia 3310!

You will also learn how to make your UI and Player input independent from game logic by using events and static properties.

This course will teach you step by step how to do everything needed to re-create a basic Snake game using Unity.

No code is prewritten, I will write every single line of code with you!

Who is the target audience?
Beginner Unity developers who want to create a game while learning about some common code practices
People who want to learn about Coroutines, Events, UI, State Machines, Enums, Inheritance, Managers, Player Input and more
Aspiring Unity developers who want to try to create a simple game
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