Pathfinding in Unity

Pathfinding in Unity

Udemy – Pathfinding in Unity – video learning

This course is designed for intermediate users of Unity (see the Prerequisites for specific topics you should be familiar with before joining).

Though Unity comes pre-packaged with an excellent pathfinding system, we explore beyond using a black box to calculate paths through your game levels.

Pathfinding and search algorithms are a core component of game development. If you want to level up your skills, enroll today and dive into implementing your own version of A* search!

Through a carefully crafted set of lectures we learn search algorithms, starting with Breadth-First Search, diving in Dijkstra's algorithm and culminating with the industry-standard A* search for pathfinding.

All concepts are presented with easy-to-understand visuals!

Some other bonus features of those course:

learn to use text files or texture maps to drive level data in Unity
learn how to implement a priority queue (binary heap) in C#
learn to structure a small project using the MVC(Model View Controller) design pattern

Duration 4h 19m, ENG, Project Files
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